Hey, my dear visitors! Welcome to my site!

I am Vanessa, or.. VanessaDeluxe, as you know me over the internet.

This is my personal site, where you can find the latest news about me, be the first who get access to my newest photosets and videos and also, you can send me private messages and have me on Skype!

If you are here for the first time and you don't know me, I let you know that I am a cam model. I perform erotic shows or I keep you company on webcam, on the sites I will list below.

Jasmin.com: http://jasmin.com/en/girl#chat/VanessaDeluxeLJ


Skype: See the "Tip me" section.

I am warning you: I am not doing any type of real life meetings. The only place you can find me, is on the internet. I am sure you can find an escort on your taste somewhere else, if this is what you are looking for!


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Playing sexy around my room..
6 pics
1 month ago
September birthday special offer! Get 1 skype show for free!

As this month is my birthday, I am coming up with a nice offer, especially for those who are getting a skype session frequently!

Get a skype session for free!

How you get it? Is simple: You purchase 3 skype sessions of same time lengh (15, 30 or 60 minutes) and the 4th show is free!

The little rule in this, is that you must get all 3 in one purchase. 

Also, after you purchase the 3 sessions, you must "consume" them in maximum 2 weeks and that way we will schedlue them so you can get all your 4 shows. 

Or, you can have them all in one session. For example, if you purchase 3 sessions x 1 hour and you want to consume all the sessions at once, it means we will spend 4 hours togheter!


The offer is available untill 30th of september!

Get it!

1 month ago
Topless photoshoot

I know you have been dreaming for a some new sexy pics, of my boobies :) So, here you go, you will have it pretty soon!

Stay tuned!

How have you been, lately, guys? Any fun activities this summer?

Kissess! Vanessa.

3 months ago
Welcome to my bedroom
13 pics
3 months ago